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Sorry, not an agency.

We don't know how to run an agency. So if you're looking for someone who creates ideas in an old-fashioned way, we can't help you. But what we can do for you is to solve business problems and build your brand with strategy & design in a fresh-thinking way.

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How our clients became friends

"Much more than design! Natascha and Andreas made the difference for me and my startup. They both knew how to put my business idea in exactly the right light. I was thrilled how quickly they identified my vision, goals and wishes and became part of them. On my journey, I don't want to do without their valuable input."

– Natalie, Founder of Capskeeper

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Article – Positioning without Competition

Positioning without Competition

Out of "My brand is better than yours", into the possibility that leaves your own company completely uncompetitive, because it is simply the only relevant brand in the respective sub-category. You change the feeling, the discussion and the whole perception of the category by the customer.

Article – Symmetry of Logic

The Power of Symmetry

We look for belonging, for companies to which we feel connected and with which we can identify. We want to be a part of it!

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